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"There is no need to tell you of the Great Healing Properties of these Remedies, more than to say that hundreds and thousands of people have been brought back to health who had no hope of anything but life-long malady. And vast numbers have been quickly cured of ordinary illness: and again, vast numbers have had disease prevented in its early stages." - Dr. Edward Bach, Masonic Lecture, 1936

1. How are the remedies made?

2. Where can I buy the remedies from?

3. How are the remedies taken?

4. How frequently should the remedies be taken?

5. How many remedies should be used in a mix?

6. Are there any side effects to Bach Flower Remedies ?

7. What can the Bach Remedies Heal?

8. How long would I have to take the remedies before I feel a change?

9. Can I take the remedies alongside my current medication?

Case Studies excerpted from 'The 12 Great Remedies', 1933

...The dosage is as follows: take two or three drops of stock remedy to an ordinary medicine bottle, fill it with water, shake up well, then give teaspoonfuls of this as required. In urgent cases every quarter of an hour, in serious cases every hour, and in ordinary cases three or four times a day. In case of unconsciousness, the lips of the patient may be moistened with the remedy.

As the patient improves, it will often be found necessary to change the remedy as his state changes, and in some cases even as many as half a dozen different herbs may be required.

As an example.

A man of thirty-five had had severe rheumatism for five weeks. When first seen almost every joint in the body was affected with swelling and tenderness, he was in great pain, rolling about in his torture, anxious as to what was going to happen. The patient was very ill and looked as though he would not be able to stand much more. Agrimony was given hourly for twenty hours when there was marked improvement, pain and swelling had all gone except for one shoulder joint, the patient was calmer and less worried. Agrimony was continued for another six hours when the patient slept for four hours. On waking all his pain had gone. The next stage was one of fear, fear of the pain coming back, fear of moving in case it caused a recurrence. Mimulus was given, and the next day the patient was up and dressed and had shaved himself. In spite of the good result, the patient felt discouraged, down-hearted. Gentian was given and on the third day the patient was out and about, he attended a cinema and also visited the local tavern.

At other times a single remedy is all that is required as in the following case. A girl of eighteen had had some cysts removed from her thyroid gland in the neck six months previously. These were returning and she was told that she must wait until they were big again when another operation would be necessary. She was a gentle little girl of the day-dreaming type, living in a land of dreams and very little concerned about her condition. Clematis, given three times a day for a month afterwards, there was no sign of recurrence, and no further doses have been necessary.

A lady had had acute rheumatism for two years, and had been in nursing homes or hospitals the whole of that time. When first seen, the hands were very stiff and painful, the ankles were double their normal size and the patient was only just able to walk. In addition there was pain in the shoulders, neck and back. The lady was one of exquisite gentleness, calmness and courage ,and had borne her illness with wonderful patience and fortitude. Water violet was clearly indicated and it was given for two weeks, definite improvement slowly occurring. Then came a period of slight self-pity which Chicory removed. At the end of four weeks the patient was able to walk four miles but felt unsteady and uncertain, so Scleranthus was given. Then followed a period of slight impatience and wanting to be back doing everything which indicated Impatiens. At the end of eight weeks the patient could walk four miles, could use her hands freely, had no pain and, with the exception of a little stiffness and a trace of swelling in the right ankle , was completely cured.

A lady of about forty had vague pains in the abdomen for three weeks, and she had rapid swelling of the glands in the groin, armpits and neck. On examination there were found large masses of swollen glands in the abdomen and the blood count was that of an acute lymphatic leukemia. The outlook was of course extremely serious. The patient realized she had a malignant disease. She was in terror and was thinking of the easiest way to commit suicide. Rock Rose was given for a few days with lessening of the abdominal pain and a diminution in the size of the glands. The patient’s attitude then changed, she was encouraged by the improvement and the black terror and dread of death had gone, but there was now a quite fear that it was too good to be true, hence Mimulus was given for about two weeks, at the end of which time the patient’s condition was normal and she remained perfectly fit ever since, a period of six months.

A farmer suffered from paralysis of the neck so that the head fell forward. Besides, there was weakening of the eye and mouth muscles. He was intensely strong-willed would go about his work as usual, for months refused treatment. Vervain affected a complete cure in about two weeks.

A lady about forty had suffered from asthma since childhood, and had spent about four months each winter in bed. She had an enormous number of injections of adrenalin and had been given every type of asthma treatment with out effect. She was like many cases of asthma, whooping cough, and other chest complaints, tortured by her disease. She was first seen in December, 1930, and by the end of January 1931, Agrimony had completely removed the disease. There was a slight return in the winter of 1931 which was easily controlled, the patient not having to go to bed. Since then, there has been no trace whatever of the disease.


How are the remedies made?

The remedies are prepared in two ways. Some of the remedies are prepared using the "Sunshine Method" and some using the "Boiling Method". Below are Edward Bach's own description of the two methods:

The Sunshine Method

A thin glass bowl is taken and almost filled with the purest water obtainable, if possible from a spring nearby. The blooms of the plant are picked and immediately floated on the surface of the water, so as to cover it, and then left in the bright sunshine for three or four hours, or less time if the blooms begin to show signs of fading. The blossoms are then carefully lifted out and the water poured into bottles so as to half fill them. The bottles are then filled up with brandy to preserve the remedy. These bottles are stock, and are not used direct for giving doses. A few drops are taken from these to another bottle, from which the patient is treated, so that the stocks contain a large supply. The supplies from the chemists should be used in the same way".

The Boiling Method
"The specimens, as about to be described, were boiled for half an hour in clean pure water. The fluid strained off, poured into bottles until half filled, and then, when cold, brandy added as before to fill up and preserve. Chestnut Bud. For this remedy the buds are gathered from the White Chestnut tree, just before bursting into leaf. In others the blossom should be used together with small pieces of stem or stalk and, when present, young  fresh leaves."

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Where can I buy the remedies?

Bach flower remedies are available at all major Health food outlets and homeopathic stores. They may also be bought online from several websites including Nelson Bach's.

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How are the remedies taken?

Once the remedies are selected, the stock remedies may be mixed in a dropper bottle. Two or three drops of this mix is put in a liter of water and a mouthful of this water is taken at frequent intervals throughout the day. The action of Bach flower remedies being energetic in nature,  taking a teaspoonful of this water has the same effect as drinking a glassful. Also, there is no difference between taking the remedy directly from the stock bottle and taking a diluted mix. In many cases washing one's face and neck, two or three times a day with the remedy infused water is helpful. Below is Dr. Edward Bach's description of how the remedies may be taken:

"To prepare, take about two drops from the stock bottle into a small bottle nearly filled with water; if this is required to keep for some time a little brandy may be added as a preservative. This bottle is used for giving doses, and but a few drops of this, taken in a little water, milk, or any way convenient, is all that is necessary."

"Whenever there is pain, stiffness, inflammation, or any local trouble, in addition a lotion should be applied. Take a few drops from the medicine bottle in a bowl of water and in this soak a piece of cloth and cover the affected part; this can be kept moist from time to time, as necessary. Sponging or bathing in water with a few drops of the remedies added may at times be useful." - Dr Bach

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How frequently should the remedies be taken?

The remedies may be repeated as frequently as required. In cases of emergency the remedy may be repeated every few minutes. When a remedy mix is being taken for a period of time, take every three hours, and also on waking up and before going to sleep.

"In urgent cases the doses may be given every few minutes, until there is improvement; in severe cases about half-hourly; and in long-standing cases every two or three hours, or more often or less as the patient feels the need." - Dr Bach

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How many remedies can be taken a time?

Usually the maximum number of remedies used in a mix is seven. Each remedy may be thought of as a conscious message. The greater the number of remedies used, less clear each individual message would be. That said, the optimal number of remedies to be used depends on the patient's state. Often, in the beginning stages of treatment a mix of 4 or 5 remedies will be  more effective than just one or two remedies. Fewer remedies are required as the case clears up.

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Are there any side effects to Bach flower Remedies?

There are no known side effects to Bach Remedies. In the words of Dr Edward Bach, "There is no danger whatever of any harm being done by these remedies; they all come from beautiful pure herbs which can hurt no one and can only do good"

In some extremely rare cases, when healing starts suppressed emotions may be stirred up, or a cold or a rash may appear. These healing reactions pass within two or three days. If necessary, the frequency of intake of the remedies may be reduced to thrice a day( on waking up, mid afternoon and before bed) till the healing reactions pass.

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What can Bach Remedies Heal?

Bach Therapy is useful in treating a wide range of both physical and emotional problems. In Bach Therapy, the focus is on healing the underlying emotional imbalance  - and once the underlying imbalance is removed, many long-term physical illness disappear too. Bach therapy can be used with equal effectiveness in treatment of acute illness. It can also be used for relieving stress, overcoming fears or addictions, to improve energy levels or as a self improvement tool. Here is a case study from the Bach Flower Research Programme.

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How long should I take the remedies before I notice a change?

Many people feel the changes from Day 1 itself. If the remedies are taken regularly, improvements should be noticeable within a weeks time.

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Can I take the remedies alongside my current medication?

There are no known contraindications of Bach Remedies with any other system of medicine but if you are on treatment we urge you to let your doctor know and take his advice before taking the remedies.

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The content in this website is meant to be an educational exposition on Bach Flower Therapy and is not to be considered a substitute for professional medical advice. As with any other sysem of medicine, if you are under treatment, do take your physician's advice before using Bach Flower Therapy. Please remember that chronic, serious or life-threatening conditions require professional healthcare.

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